Bartington Instruments Measurements

Most of the Martian analog samples in this investigation have been measured using a Bartington Instruments magnetic susceptibility meter that measures at 465 Hz and 4,650 Hz. The Bartington Instruments magnetic susceptibility meter (MS2 Meter) and coil (MS2B) were donated to the department by Marathon Oil (technology services). The analog samples were loaded into 10 cc cubes and placed in the same coil for both frequency measurements. To increase data quality, the measurements were repeated 5 times and averaged. The figure below shows the wide range of magnetic susceptibilities (in SI) and the table provides actual values.

  Magnetic Susceptibility in m3/kg
Sample Name Sample ID 465 Hz StDev 4650 Hz StDev
HI1 HI1 9.9E-06 2.3E-08 9.5E-06 2.8E-08
HI2 HI2 5.9E-06 1.8E-08 5.7E-06 1.4E-08
HI3 HI3 3.0E-06 1.2E-08 3.0E-06 2.6E-08
HI4 HI4 4.8E-05 1.1E-07 4.7E-05 1.1E-07
HI5 HI5 8.6E-06 4.1E-08 8.2E-06 2.7E-08
HI6 HI6 1.1E-06 2.1E-08 1.0E-06 2.9E-08
HI7 HI7 5.7E-06 3.6E-08 5.5E-06 0.0E+00
HI8 HI8 5.9E-05 8.6E-08 5.1E-05 8.8E-08
HI9 HI9 3.6E-05 4.7E-08 3.3E-05 1.1E-07
HI10 HI10 2.8E-05 1.5E-08 2.5E-05 2.8E-08
HI11 HI11 2.1E-05 5.9E-08 1.9E-05 1.1E-08
HI12 HI12 3.9E-06 1.5E-08 3.9E-06 1.6E-08
HI13 HI13 4.7E-06 3.0E-08 4.6E-06 2.3E-08
HI14 HI14 9.6E-06 1.9E-08 9.3E-06 1.8E-08
Pahala Ash PahAsh 2.4E-06 3.0E-08 2.3E-06 1.8E-08
Pu'u Huluhulu Horizon B PuHulAsh 1.4E-05 2.9E-08 1.3E-05 9.8E-09
Pu'u Huluhulu Horizon C PuHulCin 8.2E-06 2.1E-08 8.2E-06 2.1E-08
JSC-1 JSC1 8.6E-06 1.8E-08 8.3E-06 1.0E-07
Pu'u Nene Horizon B PNeHIB 8.2E-06 2.6E-08 8.0E-06 3.6E-08
Pu'u Nene Horizon C PNeHIC 7.2E-06 1.7E-08 7.1E-06 2.8E-08
Pu'u Nene Horizon D PNeHID 8.4E-06 2.4E-08 8.4E-06 2.0E-08
Hematite Hem 2.1E-04 6.7E-09 2.1E-04 7.4E-09
Hematite Orenburg HemOr 1.6E-06 2.0E-07 1.6E-06 5.2E-07
Magnetite Magn 2.0E-04 5.4E-06 1.8E-04 2.0E-06
Gold Ochre Gochr 1.7E-07 1.8E-08 1.7E-07 2.9E-08
Goethite (Brown Ochre) Goeth 5.5E-07 1.6E-08 5.3E-07 4.2E-08
Jarosite Jaro 3.6E-07 9.5E-09 3.7E-07 1.8E-08
Sienna Sienna 2.6E-07 1.6E-08 2.5E-07 1.8E-08
Red Ochre (warm) Rochr 1.3E-07 7.5E-09 1.2E-07 1.2E-08
Green Sand Beach GrSaBeHI 4.7E-07 6.9E-09 4.8E-07 5.7E-09
Grey Hematite (Michigan) GHKewMI 1.9E-06 1.9E-08 1.9E-06 1.5E-08
Grey Hematite (Oxidized; Mexico) GHSieMME 3.6E-07 6.9E-09 3.5E-07 7.1E-09