Comparison of MS Measurements

A comparison of the magnetic susceptibility (in SI) measurements from the Sapphire Intruments system and the Bartington Instruments system is provided in the graph and chart below. Overall the measurements from the two systems are very consistent.

  Magnetic Susceptibility in m3/kg
  Bartington Instruments Sapphire Intruments
Sample Name Official Name 465 Hz StDev 4650 Hz StDev 600 Hz StDev 6000 Hz StDev
HI1 HI1 9.9E-06 2.3E-08 9.5E-06 2.8E-08 1.0E-05 2.4E-08 9.7E-06 1.6E-08
HI2 HI2 5.9E-06 1.8E-08 5.7E-06 1.4E-08 6.0E-06 8.8E-09 5.8E-06 1.8E-08
HI3 HI3 3.0E-06 1.2E-08 3.0E-06 2.6E-08 3.2E-06 1.7E-08 3.1E-06 1.1E-08
HI4 HI4 4.8E-05 1.1E-07 4.7E-05 1.1E-07 4.7E-05 2.2E-07 4.8E-05 1.4E-07
HI5 HI5 8.6E-06 4.1E-08 8.2E-06 2.7E-08 8.5E-06 3.7E-08 8.1E-06 4.6E-08
HI6 HI6 1.1E-06 2.1E-08 1.0E-06 2.9E-08 1.1E-06 1.5E-08 1.0E-06 1.6E-08
HI7 HI7 5.7E-06 3.6E-08 5.5E-06 0.0E+00 5.9E-06 3.0E-08 5.6E-06 2.9E-08
HI8 HI8 5.9E-05 8.6E-08 5.1E-05 8.8E-08 5.7E-05 2.4E-07 4.9E-05 8.7E-08
HI9 HI9 3.6E-05 4.7E-08 3.3E-05 1.1E-07 3.7E-05 8.0E-08 3.3E-05 1.4E-07
HI10 HI10 2.8E-05 1.5E-08 2.5E-05 2.8E-08 2.7E-05 1.3E-07 2.5E-05 8.4E-08
HI11 HI11 2.1E-05 5.9E-08 1.9E-05 1.1E-08 2.1E-05 8.2E-08 1.9E-05 2.9E-07
HI12 HI12 3.9E-06 1.5E-08 3.9E-06 1.6E-08 4.1E-06 2.3E-08 4.0E-06 2.2E-08
HI13 HI13 4.7E-06 3.0E-08 4.6E-06 2.3E-08 5.0E-06 2.2E-08 4.9E-06 1.7E-08
HI14 HI14 9.6E-06 1.9E-08 9.3E-06 1.8E-08 1.0E-05 2.4E-08 9.5E-06 2.2E-08
Pahala Ash PahAsh 2.4E-06 3.0E-08 2.3E-06 1.8E-08 2.4E-06 2.6E-08 2.2E-06 1.6E-08
Pu'u Huluhulu Horizon B PuHulAsh 1.4E-05 2.9E-08 1.3E-05 9.8E-09 1.4E-05 4.2E-08 1.3E-05 2.9E-08
Pu'u Huluhulu Horizon C PuHulCin 8.2E-06 2.1E-08 8.2E-06 2.1E-08 9.5E-06 2.0E-08 7.9E-06 4.6E-08
JSC-1 JSC1 8.6E-06 1.8E-08 8.3E-06 1.0E-07 8.6E-06 5.0E-08 7.4E-06 2.7E-08
Pu'u Nene Horizon B PNeHIB 8.2E-06 2.6E-08 8.0E-06 3.6E-08 8.7E-06 5.2E-08 7.7E-06 2.6E-08
Pu'u Nene Horizon C PNeHIC 7.2E-06 1.7E-08 7.1E-06 2.8E-08 8.1E-06 1.5E-08 6.7E-06 1.9E-08
Pu'u Nene Horizon D PNeHID 8.4E-06 2.4E-08 8.4E-06 2.0E-08 1.1E-05 2.9E-08 8.3E-06 3.8E-08
Hematite Hem 2.1E-04 6.7E-09 2.1E-04 7.4E-09 2.2E-04 1.1E-06 2.2E-04 1.2E-06
Hematite Orenburg HemOr 1.6E-06 2.0E-07 1.6E-06 5.2E-07 1.6E-06 N/A 1.6E-06 N/A
Magnetite Magn 2.0E-04 5.4E-06 1.8E-04 2.0E-06 3.0E-04 3.7E-06 3.1E-04 5.8E-06
Gold Ochre Gochr 1.7E-07 1.8E-08 1.7E-07 2.9E-08 1.8E-07 N/A 1.9E-07 N/A
Goethite (Brown Ochre) Goeth 5.5E-07 1.6E-08 5.3E-07 4.2E-08 5.6E-07 N/A 5.6E-07 N/A
Jarosite Jaro 3.6E-07 9.5E-09 3.7E-07 1.8E-08 3.7E-07 N/A 3.8E-07 N/A
Sienna Sienna 2.6E-07 1.6E-08 2.5E-07 1.8E-08 2.6E-07 N/A 2.6E-07 N/A
Red Ochre (warm) Rochr 1.3E-07 7.5E-09 1.2E-07 1.2E-08 1.4E-07 N/A 1.5E-07 N/A
Green Sand Beach GrSaBeHI 4.7E-07 6.9E-09 4.8E-07 5.7E-09 4.9E-07 7.1E-09 4.8E-07 5.4E-09
Grey Hematite (Michigan) GHKewMI 1.9E-06 1.9E-08 1.9E-06 1.5E-08 2.6E-06 1.7E-07 2.6E-06 2.7E-08
Grey Hematite (Oxidized; Mexico) GHSieMME 3.6E-07 6.9E-09 3.5E-07 7.1E-09 3.5E-07 5.0E-09 3.5E-07 4.0E-09